Meatball Mash-up

As part of the Rockabilly Bash on Friday night, some of our competition teams are mixing it up in an epic Meatball Mashup to see who has the best meatball around, and it’s up to the people to decide who reigns supreme. To even the playing field, 40% of the vote will be blind judging by a panel of judges, and 60% by attendees.

All winners receive spotlight on the website and Facebook page along with serious bragging rights until next year!

Meatball Mash-up Prize Payouts

Meatball Mash-up Champ $100 Cash & Custom Embroidered Apron
2nd Place $50 Lulu’s Farm Gift Certificate
3rd Place $25 Lulu’s Farm Gift Certificate


  1. Meatball Mashup: meatballs can be made from beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or even a meat substitute, or any combination thereof–your imagination and creativity are your only limit!
  2. You can do the mixing and forming in a registered commissary kitchen, but the actual cooking must be done onsite at Lulu’s Farm
  3. Meatballs must be approximately 1″ in diameter and be firm enough to stay on a toothpick for serving
  4. We understand that sometimes at least part of the secret is in the sauce, so serving them with a sauce is permitted
  5. In order to participate in the challenge, you must make a minimum of 250 meatballs (approximately 10# of meat assuming you are adding some other ingredients) to be served during the People’s Choice tasting/judging 7:00-7:45
  6. We will supply the toothpicks
  7. You must provide an ingredient list (not the actual recipe) so people with dietary issues/allergies can avoid tasting anything that may cause them problems

Is your secret in the meatball itself, or in the sauce? It will be up to the people to decide because this is a People’s Choice vote!

How the tasting and judging works:

To maintain an equitable competition, the judging will be weighted with 60% People’s Choice, and 40% blind judging by a select blind panel of 12 completely objective judges.

  1. You will have an official “turn-in” of 12 meatballs from each entry for the blind judging due at 6:45 PM.
  2. People’s Choice Tasting, begins at 7:00 PM and runs until 7:45 PM when votes will be collected.
  3. During People’s Choice Tasting, you will collect two tokens per meatball and one token per 2 oz. serving of beans. Tokens are worth $1 each, purchased at the token table. At the end of the challenge you will cash the tokens in for a 50% payout.
  4. Attendees participating in the People’s Choice tasting will receive one meatball and one bean Vote Voucher for voting for their favorite. Those vouchers will be combined with the blind judge’s vote to determine the overall winner of each category.